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Our Trainings

We offer a range of highly practical trainings about for organizations and consultants. Many of these trainings reference our award-winning publications. If you are interested, contact us at 763-971-8890.

Trainings for Organizations

Trainings for Consultants

Trainings for Organizations

Each of the following workshops can be customized to for-profits, nonprofits or government agencies.

Nuts and Bolts of Developing, Operating and Restoring Your Board of Directors
Few Board members struggle because they haven't mastered the most recent and advanced concepts about Boards of Directors. Instead, members tend to struggle because they really haven't mastered all of the fundamental "best practices" in Boards. Our trainings focus on those foundational, best practices about Boards. See this workshop.

Evolving Your Board to the Next Level
This workshop is for already established Boards of Directors whose members want to enhance their overall quality of governance. The workshop explains different types of struggling Boards and how to improve each. See this workshop.

Nuts and Bolts of Leadership and Supervision
Few people struggle because they haven't mastered the most recent and advanced concepts about leadership and supervision. Instead, people tend to struggle because they really haven't mastered all of those most basic and fundamental "best practices" in leading and supervising. This training session focuses on those foundational, best practices. See this workshop.

Burnout and Renewal for Leaders and Supervisors
Passionate people working in a organization can become isolated, tired and even cynical. Our peer coaching groups are proven to address burnout and provide renewal for leaders, while providing professional and personal development. We help you design your own on-going, low-cost, peer learning program that you can provide your clients to address their burnout and renewal. Each participant gets our Authenticity Circles Program Planning Kit.

Founder's Syndrome: How to Detect It, How to Address It
Do you know of organizations that are led by personalities, rather than by plans and policies? We cover how to detect Founder's Syndrome and we specify actions for Board members, the founder and employees to take to allow the organization to effectively address it. This allows the founder to leave a legacy, rather than a disaster.

Online Training Courses for Consultants

We agree with Peter Block's definition of consulting -- a person is consulting any time that that person is working with another person, team or organization to help them change, but who does not having any direct control to make them change. Thus, a consultant might an advisor, trainer, facilitator, coach or mentor.

All of our online consultant training is done through our subsidiary, the Consultants Development Instittute.