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Coaching to Start a Nonprofit

There are numerous reasons to start a nonprofit, and numerous reasons not to. The process can be very long, complex and frustrating -- or it can be reasonably short, straightforward and satisfying. We've helped 100s of people to successfully start and develop their nonprofits. The nature and needs of each person can be quite different, so we customize our services to each situation. We have extensive expertise -- and a wide range of resources and materials -- to help you.

Our services and fees depend on your situation, for example:

  • The type of nonprofit that you should start, e.g., public charity (especially whether it's a hospital, university of church), public or private foundation, social welfare organization, etc.
  • Nature of the social need that you intend to meet with your nonprofit program, how your program intends to meet that need, and among which types or groups of clients that your nonprofit will serve.
  • Expectations for revenue (e.g., from fundraising, fees, earned-income, etc.) and expenses (e.g., of labor, professional fees, facilities, etc.).

You might not have thought about the above considerations yet, but we can help you.

We Can Help You With:

  • Getting clear on what you want to accomplish with your new organization.
  • Considering whether it's really a nonprofit that you should start.
  • Avowing the most common types of problems in starting a nonprofit.
  • Deciding what type of nonprofit you should start.
  • Understanding the process to start your type of nonprofit.
  • What you'll need to think about before you start your legal filings.
  • The legal filings that you'll likely need to do.
  • Other sources of assistance that you might need.
  • Developing your first Board of Directors.
  • Drafting your first Strategic Plan.
  • Drafting your first Program Plan.
  • Drafting your first Fundraising Plan (if you need one).

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We've helped 100s of people to successfully start a nonprofit organization.
  • We understand all aspects of the typical process to start nonprofit organizations.
  • We know the best practices in nonprofit Boards, strategic planning, program planning, marketing, staffing, finances, evaluations and fundraising.
  • We teach advanced workshops for funders and consultants about how to successfully do capacity building with nonprofits.

Our Extensive Free Resources About Starting a Nonprofit

Our Free Management Library is one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, free resources for personal, professional and organizational development, including a large topic on Starting a Nonprofit.