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Training and Development

We Focus Your Training and Development to On Performance

Training is conveying necessary knowledge to get something done. Development is using that knowledge to build skills and expertise to get something done. Training for the sake of training can be very entertaining, but it's rarely enlightening. Development for the sake of development can be very fulfilling, but it's rarely productive for your organization.

We understand business -- we understand organizations. We understand performance -- performance is achieving the goals of your organization in a highly effective and efficient manner. Training and development should be focused on the performance of your employees and your organization. We're experts at designing training and development to improve performance.

We Aim Especially on Training and Development That Sticks

One of the biggest complaints about training is that it too often results in new books and materials that sit, collecting dust on shelves. Sure, the trainer was very stimulating and informative. But did the training results in new tools that are actually being implement in your organization?

We carefully design training and development to result in tools that will be implemented. It's in the implementation that the real results are accomplished -- and the most important new learnings are achieved.

Because We're Very Familiar With Principles of Adult Learning

Research suggests that, as an adult, your most important learning comes not come from a traditional classroom setting. It comes from 1) your applying new knowledge to current, real-world priorities, while 2) sharing feedback with others around your experiences.

It's not enough to encourage participants to do that. Your training and development programs need to build in timely mechanisms for participants to share support and accountabilities to apply those trainings. Our firm is a pioneer in developing those mechanisms and ensuring they are suitable to very busy schedules of your employees.

You Can Gauge Our Knowledge and Expertise Now! See Our Vast Resources About Training and Development

Our Free Management Library is one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, free resources for personal, professional and organizational development, located at www.managementhelp.org on the Web. Enter "training and development" in Google and it's very likely that you'll find the Library's topic listed in the first page of Google -- that's how good our knowledge and our expertise are! Take a minute to look around in the our Free Management Library.

The Library includes blogs about many of the most important activities in an organization. Each blog includes opinions from experts and links to numerous free resources. Stop by the Library's blog on training and development.