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Board Development Services (For-Profit or Nonprofit)

There's more attention now to the quality of corporate governance than ever before. This is not only because of recent ethical and legal issues in some very prominent corporations, but also because corporations are realizing that the leverage point for long-lasting success, whether for-profit or nonprofit, is the health of its Board of Directors. Unfortunately, there are few consultants who have strong expertise in Boards and governance. We do.

Our Range of Services to Enhance Your Governing Board

We customize the service to the nature and needs of your Board. Services could include any or all of the following:

  • Train current Board members on the roles and responsibilities of Board members.
  • Guide the organization to consider the best Board model for your organization.
  • Train current Board members on the best practices in Board operations.
  • Guide development, approval and implementation of the most important Board policies and procedures.
  • Support recruitment and selection of the best Board members.
  • Provide training and materials to orient and train new members to fully perform their Board roles.
  • Provide tools and guidelines to charter, organize and energize the most appropriate Board committees, including an Advisory Council, where appropriate.
  • Coach the Board Chair to facilitate high-quality Board meetings and operations.
  • Work with a relevant Board Committee to understand and adopt the necessary tools and guidelines to ensure high-quality Board operations, well into the future
  • Provide resources and coaching to help Board members sustain the most suitable and successful relationship with the CEO.
  • Teach members how to regularly evaluate the Board in a highly practical manner to ensure high-quality operations.
  • Where necessary, provide coaching and resources to renew and restore a struggling Board.

Why Hire Us to Build or Enhance Your Board?

  • We have decades of experience with different types of Boards.
  • We've successfully developed 100s of Boards.
  • We can customize our services to the nature and needs of your organization.
  • We understand governance, business, leadership and managing change -- we've experienced it, and we've taught it.
  • Building Boards is more than just "team building" -- it's using both "soft" and "hard" (business) skills. We understand strategy, structure and operations, as well as group dynamics and team building.

Here's Evidence of Our Vast Knowledge of Boards

Our Free Management Library is one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, free resources for personal, professional and organizational development, including our large topic on Boards of Directors.

The Library's Board of Directors blog offers additional insights and up-to-date information, as well.