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Customized One-On-One Coaching

Personal and professional coaching has very quickly become one of the most frequently used approaches to personal, professional and organizational development. Reasons for this growth are many. It can be highly customized and personalized to the nature and needs of the person being coached (coachee). It also ensures ongoing actions and progress to successfully address the coachee's priorities, whether they be complex problems or major goals. Also, it cultivates deep learning for the coachee from the ongoing reflection on the coaching and the actions taken between coaching sessions. Our firm has extensive experience in coaching for many different types of people and their situations.

Would you benefit from guidance, support and resources to:

  • Start or develop your organization?
  • Evolve your career or organization to the next level?
  • Become much more competent and satisfied as a leader and manager?
  • Focus more on what's really important, rather than only on what's just urgent?
    (If you take care of what's important, you'll avoid what's urgent.)
  • Cultivate more participation and commitment to getting things done?
  • Accomplish more effective delegation and accountability in the workplace?
  • Take the most relevant and realistic actions to get things done?
  • Cultivate deep learning from advice, resources and reflection?

Then you'd really benefit from coaching!

Coaching is providing structure, guidance and support for clients to:

  1. Take a complete look at their current state, including their assumptions and perceptions about their work, themselves and others.
  2. Set relevant and targeted goals, based on the client's own nature and needs.
  3. Take ongoing relevant and realistic actions toward reaching those goals.
  4. Learn from continued reflection on the coaching and the results of actions.

Regardless of what a client wants to work on, a good coach also provides ongoing resources, encouragement and support, and is always focused on helping the client to cultivate even more passion, satisfaction and meaning in their lives and work.

To understand more about coaching, see our topic Coaching in our Free Management Library.

There are already many coaching services, so why hire us?

Like many professional coaches, our coaches are certified -- but there's additional benefits from working with us.

  • While coaching is a relatively new profession for many coaches -- we have decades of coaching experience.
  • We've coached 100s of executives, leaders and managers -- and people in other roles.
  • We've taught 100s of people how to coach, as well.
  • We understand business, nonprofits, leadership, career development and managing change -- we've experienced it, and we've taught it.
  • While many people consider coaching to be a "soft skill," we can very comfortably work with the "hard skills."
    (Just take a quick look at our Free Management Library -- one of the world's largest collections of free resources for all types of practices in all types of organizations. You'll quickly notice that we are comfortable with almost every topic and activity in business and organizations.)
  • Many coaches base their approach almost exclusively on posing powerful and thoughtful questions, to tap the inner wisdom of their clients. Indeed, that's very powerful. But there are occasions where the client would benefit from research- and evidence-based advice. In addition to the powerful questions, we can provide that advice.
  • Our consultants and coaches bring a variety of approaches to coaching -- we don't constrain our clients to one proprietary model or school of coaching. We realize that the approach to coaching depends very much on the nature and needs of the client.
  • You aren't faced with working with one particular coach. We can match you with the coach that you agree most suits your nature and your needs.

Here's a list of just some of our clients:

  • Accenture
  • Alaska (state of)
  • Allianz Life Insurance
  • American Society for Training and Development
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
  • Boston Scientific
  • Beyond Petroleum
  • British Petroleum
  • CompassPoint Consulting
  • Development Training Institute
  • Fieldstone Alliance Consulting Group
  • Gunderson Lutheran Hospitals
  • Gustavus College
  • Hennepin County
  • Illinois Arts Alliance
  • International Association of Facilitators
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Minnesota Career Development Assoc.
  • New York Foundation for the Arts
  • Nonprofit Mentorship Program
    in British Columbia
  • North Ridge Masonic Homes
  • Opportunity Partners
  • Search Institute
  • South Eastern New York Library Resources Council
  • YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

Our highly experienced senior consultants and coaches

We work with a cadre of highly experienced senior consultants and coaches, each of whom has performed superbly. Read about each of them and how we affirm their performance, confidentiality and ethics in each project we undertake.

Our Senior Consultants and Coaches