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Marketing and Communications

Is Your Marketing Delivering the Results You Need?

Or, are you frustrated with your marketing efforts?

We work with you - hand-in-hand - to create exciting and affordable, customized, realistic and results-oriented marketing strategies, plans and tactics – both offline and online -- to grow your business and create more revenue.

Effective marketing is fundamental to your business and revenue growth. Marketing is changing dramatically - and fast. We deliver cutting edge results, on time and on budget.

We Help You Create Marketing Strategies and Plans that Get Results

You can go through the motions of marketing, but effective marketing requires an expert, customized, “integrated” (both offline and online) plan that is easily executed.

Successful marketing:

1. Starts with an action-oriented plan. Do you have a plan based on your research?
2. Executes the plan and measures the results. Are you getting the results you want?
3. Spotlights exactly what is - and what isn't - working. Do you know what’s working?
4. Measures outcomes, not in creativity. Are you making enough money?

We Help You Create Meaningful Market Research for Relevant and Realistic Results

It’s no longer enough to just focus on "spreading the word."
In this new marketing paradigm, it's essential to strategize first, and:

  • Define each of your target markets
  • Understand their needs and wants (this is inbound marketing)
  • Establish a thorough Integrated Marketing Plan (both offline and online)
  • Craft powerful messages that attract your target audience, and
  • Establish clear calls-to-action that engage them – boosting your sales!

We can help you with your market research so that your marketing strategies, plan and tactics are relevant and realistic – and you will see results.

Social Media Marketing

In order to be successful, you must clearly define your social media goals. Some social media tools are more applicable than others in achieving specific goals. Social media tools and tactics vary greatly, and must work together effectively to achieve your carefully defined target results.

We customize all social media strategies, plans and tactics. We work closely with you to tailor them to your business and your target audiences’ needs and wants.

The fundamental goal of a strong Social Media Marketing foundation is to engage and empower customers in two-way communication online. You can now get direct feedback from customers and prospective customers, and measure and monitor their actions - infinitely valuable to you – so that you can continue to tweak your tactics and keep improving your results!

Integrated Marketing Plans

“Integrated Marketing” is the integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources that deliver customer impact and results - maximum profit at minimum cost.

Integrated marketing coordinates the elements of the traditional promotional mix—public relations, publicity, direct marketing, sales promotion, advertising, and personal selling - to produce a customer-focused message offline and online.

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Free Marketing Resources

Our Free Management Library is one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, free resources for personal, professional and organizational development, including a large topic on Marketing.

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