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Leadership and Management Development

Your Leadership and Management Development Don't Occur in Vacuum

Leadership and management development is critical to the success of any organization. But that development must be customized to the nature and needs of your organization. There's an explosion of consultants in leadership development -- many having primarily "soft" skills in people development.

But leadership and management development should be guided by experts with real-world experience in all facets of organizations, including Boards, chief executive role, strategic and business planning, products and programs, marketing, personnel and finances. We have that expertise.

You Need Different Leadership Skills for Different Situations

Many people generalize that leadership traits and skills are the same all over. They're not. Consider the skills needed in each of the following different situations.

  • Leading yourself
  • Leading others
  • Leading groups
  • Leading organizations

Each of these areas of focus requires different skills. We can teach them to you in a manner that suits your nature and needs.

You Benefit From Integrating Leadership and Management Activities -- You Don't Have to Treat Them as Separate

Many people assert that there's a clear difference between leading and managing. We've worked in organizations for many years. We believe that leadership exists throughout an organization, not just at the top. Also, we believe that it's not enough for you as a leader to cultivate grand visions and to inspire your people toward those visions.

As a leader, you also need to understand the workings of your organization. You need to understand how those visions can be achieved in a relevant, realistic and flexible fashion. Than means understanding at least the basic "best practices' in all the major functions in organizations. We'll teach those practices to you in a highly practical and efficient manner, with a focus on leadership and management.

All Aspects of Your Organization Can Benefit -- Just Look at Our Very Satisfied Clients!

Leadership and management development don't occur in a vacuum in your organization. Our senior consultants have the skills and expertise to improve all aspects of your organization. Take a look at our Consultants.

We have satisfied clients from different cultures and from all over the world. See just the List of 100 Clients.

You Can Gauge Our Knowledge and Expertise Now! See Our Vast Resources About Leadership and Management

Our Free Management Library is one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, free resources for personal, professional and organizational development, located at www.managementhelp.org on the Web.

Enter "leadership development" or "management development" in Google and it's very likely that you'll find those Library topics listed in the first page of Google -- that's how good our knowledge and our expertise are! Take a minute to look around in our Free Management Library.

The Library includes blogs about many of the most important activities in an organization. Each blog includes opinions from experts and links to numerous free resources. Stop by the Library's blog on leadership.