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Strategic Planning

We Bring You Learning from 100s of Successful Planning Projects

We've facilitated successful strategic planning for a wide variety of organizations, including start-up, nonprofit, for-profit and government. We've facilitated plans for a wide variety of purposes, including to give clearer focus and direction to the organization, add a new product or service, build the Board of Directors, improve organizational performance, and address a range of issues in the organization. Each different purpose requires a different approach to planning -- we can do them all.

You Get Complete Ownership and Commitment of Your Employees

There's growing cynicism about strategic planning. Too often, plans sit, collecting dust on shelves. That's because the planning process did not suit the nature and needs of the organization. A new or small organization should not be overwhelmed with numerous meetings and 100s of hours of research -- those organizations might even be worse off than if they hadn't done planning at all.

Different cultures have different ways of making decisions and solving problems. Those cultures must be honored in the planning process. We suite the planning process to the nature and needs of your organization. We always ensure the process is relevant, realistic -- and flexible. Plans are not meant to be carved in stone. Few plans are implemented as planned. Plans can be changed -- but they should be changed systematically, and we help you to do that, if necessary.

We're Experts -- We Teach Other Consultants How to Facilitate Strategic Planning

We're recognized experts in strategic planning. One of our most popular trainings is about how to facilitate strategic planning. We teach consultants how to facilitate plans with any type of group and for any purpose in planning. We bring those teaching skills into our facilitation, as well. During the planning process, planners should be taught how to enrich their own planning process, well into the future. We can bring that expertise to your organization.

All Aspects of Your Organization Can Benefit -- Just Look at Our Very Satisfied Clients!

Strategic planning affects all aspects of your organization. Our senior consultants have the skills and expertise to improve every aspect of your organization. Take a look at our Consultants.

We have satisfied clients from different cultures and from all over the world. See the List of 100 Clients.

You Can Gauge Our Knowledge and Expertise Now! See Our Vast Resources About Strategic Planning

Our Free Management Library is one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, free resources for personal, professional and organizational development, located at www.managementhelp.org on the Web. Enter "strategic planning" in Google and it's very likely that you'll find the Library's topic listed in the first page of Google -- that's how good our knowledge and our expertise are! Take a minute to look around in the our Free Management Library.

The Library includes blogs about many of the most important activities in an organization. Each blog includes opinions from experts and links to numerous free resources. Stop by the Library's blog on strategic planning.