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Nuts and Bolts to Leadership and Supervision:

For Small Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizations

Focus On Foundational, Nuts-and-Bolts, Best Practices

Few people struggle because they haven't mastered the most recent and advanced concepts about leadership and supervision. Instead, people tend to struggle because they really haven't mastered all of those most basic and fundamental "best practices" in leading and supervising. This training session focuses on those foundational, best practices.

Focused on Actions, Implementation and Continuous Learning

We strongly believe that adults learn best when they 1) actually apply new information and materials from our trainings to current, real-world challenges in their lives and workplaces; and 2) exchange ongoing feedback with others in similar situations. Therefore, if suitable with the client, we design our trainings so that they incorporate use of individualized action plans, peer coaching groups and/or private, on-line discussion groups that we moderate among attendees to our trainings.

Here's Who Will Benefit

Personnel from small- to medium-sized organizations, including:

  1. Chief Executive Officers
  2. Middle managers
  3. Supervisors
  4. Employees
  5. Current or future Board members
  6. Consultants

Here's What You'll Learn About In This Training

  1. Working with a Board of Directors (relevant to for-profit and nonprofit corporations)
  2. Major responsibilities of a Chief Executive Officer
  3. Core skills for leading yourself and others, including:
    a) Motivating yourself
    b) Time and stress management
    c) Problem solving and decision making
    d) Meeting management
    e) Planning
    f) Managing details
  4. Core skills for communicating, including:
    a) Verbal communications
    b) Non-verbal communications
    c) Listening skills
    d) Presentation skills
  5. Basics of strategic planning
  6. Staffing analysis and job descriptions
  7. Organizing, including:
    a) When to recognize the need for organizing
    b) Principles for successful organizational change
    c) Organizing teams
  8. Hiring the most effective and suitable employees
  9. Critical aspects of training employees
  10. Setting goals with employees
  11. Effective delegation
  12. Supporting employee motivation
  13. Giving useful feedback
  14. Conflict management
  15. Addressing performance issues
  16. Rewarding and retaining employees
  17. Firing employees

Features of This Training

  1. Focused on nuts-and-bolts activities of leading and supervising others.
  2. Instruction from national experts on leadership and supervision.
  3. Comprehensive, well-organized and substantive training materials.
  4. Complete, step-by-step guidebook to leadership and supervision.
  5. Six-month follow-on support and feedback in a private, on-line discussion group moderated by the trainer.
  6. As much as possible, we customize the training to suit the nature and needs of the attendees.

Each Attendee Gets Complete, Step-by-Step Guidebook

Each attendee receives our Field Guide to Leadership and Supervision. For more information about the guidebook, see:

We Customize This Training for You and Your Organization

  1. Contact us to tell us about whom you wish to train, when and where.
  2. We'll work with you to accommodate your budget and schedule and to customize the training according to your needs.
  3. Contact Authenticity Consulting, LLC, by calling 1-763-971-8890 or e-mailing us.
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