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The Accidental Techie: Supporting, Managing, and Maximizing Your Nonprofit's Technology

“THE required guide for every person working in nonprofit technology, supervising a nonprofit techie, or managing an outside consultant. You need to read this book!”

—Sheldon Mains,
Consultant and former Director of Technology Services,
Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits,
St. Paul, MN

by Sue Bennett , Published by Fieldstone Alliance

This hands-on guide walks you through five projects that, when completed, will give you a comprehensive and usable support system:

  • Conducting a technology inventory
  • Assessing and supporting staff
  • Assessing and buying technology
  • Protecting your organization from disasters and data loss
  • Managing your role

You’ll find...

  • Ready-to-use templates, worksheets, and sample policies
  • 135 resources on topics such as funding, discussion groups, application service providers, web site development, and donor management software
  • A security policy checklist
  • Steps for creating a database that gives you the reports you need
  • A glossary of terms every techie should know

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome Techies!

  • Our Goal: To Help the Nonprofit Techie Manage Organizational Technology
  • Help for Executive Directors
  • Help for Intentional Techies
  • How to Use This Guide

Chapter 1: What is an Accidental Techie?

  • Accidental Techies on the Job
  • Managing Technology in a Nonprofit Organization

Chapter 2: Conducting a Technology Inventory

  • Inventorying Your Technology

Chapter 3: Assessing and Supporting Technology Users

  • User Personalities
  • Creating a User Support System
  • Putting the System into Practice
  • Prioritizing Multiple Requests
  • Tracking Requests and Resolutions and Evaluating the System
  • Staff Training
  • Accessibility, Disabilities and Ergonomics

Chapter 4: Assessing and Purchasing Technology

  • Assessing New Technology
  • Purchasing Technology and Choosing Vendors
  • Identifying Maintenance Contracts and Fees
  • Managing Consultants and Volunteers
  • Volunteers

Chapter 5: Protecting Your Organization from Disasters and Data Loss

  • Virus Protection
  • Protecting Your System from Adware and Spyware
  • Ongoing Software Maintenance
  • Backup Systems
  • Security Systems
  • User Workstation Security
  • Network Security
  • Technology Policies

Chapter 6: Managing Your Role in the Organization

  • Getting Your Job in Order
  • Document Everything
  • Connect with Other Nonprofit Techies
  • Become a Change Agent within Your Organization

Chapter 7: Finding Funding for Technology

  • How Technology is Funded: The Basics
  • How Funders Assess Technology Requests
  • Six Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Technology Investments

Conclusion: Technology and the Work of Nonprofits

  • How Technology is Funded: The Basics
  • How Funders Assess Technology Requests
  • Six Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Technology Investments

Conclusion: Technology and the Work of Nonprofits

Appendices: Techie Tools

  • Appendix A: The Accidental Techie’s Resource Guide
  • Appendix B: Taking Inventory
  • Appendix C: Database Planning
  • Appendix D: Security Policy Checklist
  • Appendix E: Networking Terms Accidental Techies Need to Know
  • Appendix F: Characteristics of Nonprofit Organizations

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