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Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation

(5th Edition, June, 2017)

Table of Contents


by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, partner in Authenticity Consulting, LLC

Includes worksheets in an appendix, as well as on-line for more flexible use.

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Updates Included in This 5th Edition!

This 5th Edition published in June 2017 is your up-to-date resource for successful program design, marketing and evaluation. It includes many more guidelines and resources to:
  1. Customize the processes of planning, marketing and evaluations to various different cultures.
  2. Develop a theory of change for your program.
  3. Ensure your programs remain sustainable.
  4. Establish an effective Board Marketing Committee.
  5. Establish an effective Board Programs Committee.
  6. Understand the overall approach of participatory evaluation.
  7. Utilize common methods of social media for research, promotions and communications.
  8. Reference many more up-to-date resources, both online and in print.

Comprehensive, Integrated and Practical Resource About
Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation

This book is unique -- typically, you would have to buy three separate books to get information about nonprofit program design, marketing and evaluation. Not now!

FUNDING for nonprofit programs is very difficult to get if the nonprofit has not carefully designed, marketed and evaluated its programs. If those three highly integrated activities are not done well, it is very difficult to prove to funders that the programs are successfully meeting needs in the nonprofit's community. As a result, the nonprofit will not get the support and funding so critical to its very existence. Thus, the critical activities of program design, marketing and evaluation have never been more important to nonprofits! This book is a must for anyone seeking to start a successful nonprofit or program, or to ensure they get funding!

Rather than treating the three activities as somehow being completely separate from each other (which they are not!), this book provides clear and comprehensive guidelines for all of the most important aspects of designing, marketing and evaluating a nonprofit program. Guidelines are written in an easy-to-implement style, resulting in a highly practical resource that can be referenced at any time during the life of a nonprofit program.

This guide can be used to:

  • Evolve strategic goals into well-designed programs, guaranteed to meet needs of clients.
  • Develop very credible nonprofit fundraising proposals, evaluation plans and business plans.
  • Ensure focused and effective marketing, including sales, advertising and promotions.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and efficiencies of current programs in delivery of services to clients.
  • Evaluate program performance against goals and outcomes.
  • Understand how a program really works in order to improve or duplicate the program.

This hands-on guide is ideal for:

  • Executives and managers of nonprofits
  • Members of nonprofit Boards of Directors
  • Nonprofit consultants and service providers
  • Foundations, government and corporate donors
  • Educators

Increase Results of Your Fundraising!

One of the first things that funders look for in a grant proposal is the description of the design of the program. Description of a very well-designed program, including with a clear evaluation plan, greatly increases the chances that the program will be funded.

This guidebook shows you how to design a program that consistently meets the needs of its clients, and does so in a highly effective and efficient fashion.

Includes Step-by-Step Guidelines, Materials and Worksheets to:

  • Understand the "system" of a nonprofit organization and program
  • Ensure successful planning for program development, marketing and evaluation
  • Conduct your preparatory strategic planning
  • Design your program logic model
  • Conduct your program market analysis
  • Plan your program start-up and development
  • Plan your program's ongoing management and operations
  • Plan your program's finances
  • Plan your program's approach to evaluation
  • Assemble numerous plans (see below)

100s of Guidelines and 25 Worksheets to Assemble These Plans!

By following the guidelines to complete the various worksheets, you can quickly assemble plan documents for:

  • Program start-up and development plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Advertising and promotions plan
  • Sales plan
  • Customer service plan
  • Operations plan
  • Fundraising proposal
  • Business plan
  • Program evaluation plan, including implementation, process, goals-based and/or outcomes evaluation

Includes "Business (Market) Research Methods 101"

The guidebook includes guidelines to conduct highly practical market research activities for your program development, marketing or evaluation. Includes:

  • Guidelines to plan your market research
  • Overview of methods to collect data during research
  • How to conduct highly ethical research
  • Guidelines to conducting observations
  • Guidelines to developing questionnaires
  • Guidelines to conducting interviews
  • Guidelines to conducting focus groups
  • Guidelines to developing case studies
  • Guidelines to conducting pilot research
  • Some major sources of market research information
  • Guidelines to analyzing and interpreting research results

Be sure to see the book's Table of Contents and Index.

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