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Workshop: Consulting and Organizational Development With For-Profits and Government

When a Consulting Project Fails ...

... it's rarely because the consultant was not enough of an expert in a certain function, for example, in management, marketing, finances or computers. Rather, it's because the consultant was not sufficiently skilled in the consulting process.

Peter Block, in his seminal consulting book, Flaw Consulting, writes, "There is a set of skills that is an essential part of consulting over and above technical expertise and interpersonal skills -- these are consulting skills (Jossey-Bass, 2000, p. 6).

This workshop, which includes follow-on coaching, develops consulting skills.

What You'll Gain From This Workshop

As a result of participating in this workshop and the following six monthly coaching groups, you will be able to:

  1. See the "big picture" of an organization in order to clearly understand its major functions and processes and how those are integrated. This is a critical skill when working with clients to improve their organizations.
  2. Understand each of the phases in a successful consulting process and how to work with the client to progress through each phase.
  3. Understand the "hard" and "soft" skills required for effective consulting.
  4. Customize the consulting process to suit the unique nature and needs of the client.
  5. Detect and address each of the most common types of problems that occur in organizations and each of its major functions and processes.
  6. Maintain a highly collaborative, working relationship between the consultant and client, whether working to improve the overall organization or one of its major functions.
  7. Ensure the consulting project is always focused on the most important priorities for the client.
  8. Evaluate the project to ensure high-quality during and near the end of the project.

Also, Certificate of Completion

  • Participants who complete the workshop and the six following coaching groups receive a certificate of completion that indicates to potential clients that you have been trained in the critically important consulting process -- a training that many other consultants don't have.

Here's Who Will Benefit

  • External consultants and internal consultants.who want to learn how to identify and solve problems or achieve major goals in the workplace
  • Staff of consulting companies that provide guidance and support to clients to improve their organizations.
  • Training centers that want to train their people how to effectively consult to organizations.
  • Organizations that want to hire the most effective consultants and ensure those consultants continue to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Leaders, managers, supervisors and employees who require skills in detecting the real causes of issues in the organization and how to address each of those causes.
  • Retirees who want to ground and integrate their expertise into an overall effective consulting process.

Features of This Workshop

  1. Focused on the most important activities to accomplish successful consulting.
  2. Instruction from national experts on consulting.
  3. Comprehensive, well-organized and substantive training materials.
  4. Six-month, follow-on support and feedback in a confidential co-consulting group with other participants to share support and accountabilities to continue to improve consulting skills.
  5. As much as possible, we customize the workshop to suit the nature and needs of the attendees.

"Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development"

Each attendee receives a complete, step-by-step book on consulting and organizational development. For more information on the award-winning book, see
Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development

Here's What We'll Cover About the Consulting Process

Foundations for Effective Consulting

  • Roles, goals and types of consultants
  • Maintaining collaborative, working relationships with clients
  • Ensuring complete professionalism in consultants
  • Critical intra-personal and interpersonal skills for consultants
  • Core administrative skills for consultants
  • Understanding unique nature and needs of organizations
  • Common challenges when consulting and how to overcome each

Contracting Phase of Consulting

  • Purpose and goals of this phase
  • How to arrange a successful contract meeting with client
  • Understanding client's "presenting" problem (symptoms)
  • Explaining to client how you work and your style
  • Scoping project, including goals, roles, start and stop time, etc.
  • Assessing client readiness for a consulting project
  • Consultant and client deciding whether to proceed with project
  • Getting right materials to learn about client's organization

Discovery Phase of Consulting

  • Purpose and goals of this phase
  • Problem solving philosophies
  • Discovery process and role of assessments
  • Customizing assessments to suit nature and needs of the client
  • Conducting realistic and relevant assessments
  • Quick and focused analysis of assessments results
  • Comparing results to "best practices"
  • Identifying most critical issues for client to address
  • Generating most useful recommendations for client
  • Providing useful and understandable feedback to client
  • Effectively address client resistance to feedback
  • Getting client buy-in and engagement in action plans and implementation

Action Planning Phase of Consulting

  • Purpose and goals of this phase
  • Understanding how to achieve successful organizational change
  • Guiding client to identify most relevant, realistic and flexible action plans to address most critical issues
  • Knowing when to seek additional help

Implementation Phase of Consulting

  • Purpose and goals of this phase
  • Guidelines to ensure successful implementation of action plans
  • Common barriers to implementation
  • What to do when project seems stuck
  • How to coach clients for ongoing accountability, support, actions and learning during implementation
  • How to detect if more expertise is needed and how to work with other consultants

Adoption Phase of Consulting

  • Purpose and goals of this phase
  • How to detect if adoption has occurred
  • Most common barriers to project adoption
  • What to do if there' s a lull in project
  • How to accomplish a successful project "hand-off" to client

Evaluation Phase of Consulting

  • Purpose and goals of this phase
  • How to ensure continuous improvement toward project results
  • How to identify and capture most important learning for consultant and client
  • Key evaluations to consider at end of a consulting project

Separation Phase of Consulting

  • Purpose and goals of this phase
  • Typical reasons that projects terminate
  • Critical role of project celebration
  • Possible next steps for consultant and client
  • How to carry out suitable and seamless separation between consultant and client

Common Problems in Organizations and How To Resolve Each Problem (Optional)

Including description of best practices, common problems, guidelines for effective Board oversight, and useful action plans to address problems, for example, in:

  • Boards of Directors
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Financial Management
  • Evaluations

The nature of problems can require "hard" and/or "soft" skills. In this workshop, we'll address both, depending on the nature and needs of workshop participants.

We Customize This Workshop for You and Your Organization

Contact us to tell us about whom you wish to train, when and where.

We'll work with you to accommodate your budget and schedule and to customize the workshop according to your needs.

Contact Authenticity Consulting, LLC, by calling 763-971-2250 or e-mailing us.
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About the Consultants Development Institute(sm)

This workshop is an initiative of Authenticity Consulting, LLC, to develop more consultants who are more effective in guiding their clients to successfully solve problems and achieve goals in their organizations.

While there are many books and resources about the business of starting and marketing a consulting business, there are few readily accessible resources for learning how to work with clients to solve problems or achieve goals in a project -- and for helping clients to solve those problems for themselves in the future. Usually, resources that do exist are packaged into expensive training programs (for example, as degrees in Organization Development) offered by educational institutions and training centers.

The Institute aims to make resources about consulting more practical and readily accessible to those who are considering the field of consulting and those who have very limited resources from which to develop their skills.

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